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How Loyal are Your Customers?

Value, trust, politics, apathy, neglect, competition…whatever the reason, understanding why your customers chose to defect is the secret to mitigating revenue risk and securing your future success. In most scenarios, it comes back to customer experience; it stands to reason that unhappy customers are more likely to leave.


How Do You Know?

How nice would it be to have the peace that comes from knowing (not hoping) that your customers will not only remain loyal to your company, but that they will continue to do business with you, buy other products and services, and give you unsolicited “word of mouth” referrals.

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Your Insights Driven Success Program

At Pragmetrix Group, we passionately believe that “the truth will set you free”, and are committed to bringing you the unedited, unfiltered truth from your customers.

To that end, we skip the traditional customer surveys and opt for a more effective Cadence Insights Process with your top customers. With a 95% + response rate, you receive all of customers’ verbatim feedback, including the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as actionable insights direct from your clients on what you need to do to retain them.


Our Cadence Insights Process

Benchmark Report

We Benchmark Your Company to Uncover Where Your Customer Relationships Stand Now Using Our Proprietary Process.

Cadence Insights

Your Customers Give You Actionable Items Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Customer Relationships Giving You an Unbiased List of Action Items Verbatim from Your Customers Throughout Our Engagement.

Employee Em2 Insights

Early Warning System Identifying Employee Problems in Real Time, Mitigating Employee Risk and Stress.

Ethos X

Your Reputation and Competitors Movements, Relevant News About Your Brand, Competitors, Key Employees, New Technologies.

Why Pragmetrix Group?

What Makes Us Different

Validate Your internal customer experience
We Have a Simple Clear Proven Process
3rd Party Agnostic, Safe harbor for truth
We Do Not Disrupt your Business
95% Response Rate vs. Single Digit Surveys
Protected Customer Relationships & Data


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