About Us

We bring you insights direct from your customers in their own words, unabridged, unedited, captured
through our Cadence Insights Process. We then extract actionable items that you can use immediately to
uncover revenue risk and revenue opportunities.

our Firm

What We Believe

We passionately believe that “the truth will set you free”, and are committed to bringing you the unedited, unfiltered truth from your customers.

What we Do

CEOs turn to us to baseline their organization and uncover hidden revenue risk that would otherwise lead to customer defections.

Our Leadership

Culture of Collaboration

We hear over and over again that it feels different to work with us. Why? A uniquely collaborative culture full of passionate people who care more about your success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We help our clients see the world differently by welcoming different opinions and perspectives that help us see the world differently.

Social Impact

We believe in the Golden Rule – treat others that way you want to be treated. We are committed to having a positive impact in the lives of the people in our community and those we serve.


Pragmetrix Group, Managing Partner

Raj Kalra

Raj Kalra is a serial entrepreneur.

As CEO and Founder of StreetBridge Group, Raj Kalra has leveraged his 25 years of leadership and management skills in developing unique acquisition strategies with niche market companies in both the public and private sectors to create a firm with a highly disciplined approach for delivering practical acquisition, merger and exit solutions that help companies meet their business objectives.

StreetBridge Group does not specialize in specific industries. Our domain knowledge and our investment experience have attracted us to businesses in health care, consumer-related goods and services, financial services, film, business services, technology services, internet verticals and environmental sectors. We are more functionally oriented and less industry/sector oriented, and where the “relationships work” we will always look to “do the deal.” We operate or act in an advisory capacity for the companies we start, acquire, merge or joint venture with.

Pragmetrix, co-Founder and Partner

Mark B. Fonseca

Mark has over 20 years of experience in consultative sales, sales management and client relations. As a top producer at Lanier Business Products, he sold document management solutions to a range of businesses and was prolific at establishing long term relationships.

Mark consults one on one with the most successful CEO’s and Executives in Atlanta and has interviewed thousands of Executives and Business Professionals. He has experience in Sales, Sales Management and Sales Training Best Practice. Currently Mark is the owner of his own private men’s custom clothing and executive image consulting business. He has developed strong business relationships with heads of State, CEO’s, top-level executives and successful entrepreneurs, through one on one consulting and exceptional customer service.

Of alliance Partners

EM2 Insights

Dave Daniels

Dave is an accomplished Senior Business and Human Resources executive with a proven track record of developing, implementing, and delivering upon both short and long-term results. He has held management and executive-level positions with companies large and small throughout the United States. Dave has managed his career in a way that provides him with an exceptional breadth of experience and capacity to contribute to improving brand and financial results for his employer in every capacity he has served.