Uncovering Revenue Risks and Revenue Opportunities
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We Have a Proven Process to Reduce Revenue Risk & Uncover Revenue Opportunities


We Bring You Valuable Insights From Your Customers in Their Own Words, Unabridged, Unedited, Captured Through Our Cadence Insights Assessment Process.


Customer Insights Assessments

Pragmetrix Group skips the traditional customer surveys and uses its proprietary Cadence Insights Process to find out how your customers really feel about your company.


Customer Feedback Analysis

With a 95% + response rate, you receive your customers’ unedited verbatim feedback, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Gain insight to what your customer truly thinks.


Actionable Insights From Your Customers

We deliver recommendations right from your customer that correlates with sales growth,salesforce productivity, greater market share, greater employee engagement.


Cadence Insights Process

Maintain a constant information stream about your client’s feedback, allowing you to continually use the actionable information for retention and mitigate revenue risk.

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How We Help You Mitigate Revenue Risk

Satisfaction vs. Loyalty

Building a relationship with your customer will help gain customer loyalty. Once you develop that relationship, they come to you for other solutions they may need. Customer Satisfaction is too low of a bar, it’s customer retention that reduces risk and drives revenue.

A Typical Business Only Hears From 4% of It's Dis-Satisfied Customers


Customers Who Don't Voice Complaints


Customers Who Will Never Come Back


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Our Mission is to bring you the you the unedited, unfiltered truth from your customers.

We bring you the voice of your customers in their own words, unabridged, unedited, captured through our Cadence Insights System . We then extract specific actions you can take that will elevate your customers' experience. Our Cadence Insights System will highlight customer defection potential, revenue risk exposure and allow you to create an actionable road map to mitigate your downside risk and protect your company's exposure.


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